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Abdominal Cancer – Detection & Treatment Options

Types & Stages
Detection & Treatment Options

Diagnosing Abdominal Cancer and Determining Treatment Solutions

Diagnosing abdominal cancer of any variety usually involves several different steps. This is because many possible diagnoses have to be considered and ruled out; only then can the right answer be found and a proper course of treatment be identified. Seeking care at a Phoenix abdominal cancer treatment center puts patients in touch with a team of dedicated physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and other specialists who are committed to helping people win the battle against these complex and sometimes intimidating diseases.

Getting Answers When You Need Them

Detecting cancer of all types early is positively correlated to successful treatment outcomes; that is, if cancer is detected in its early stages there is a good chance that it can be overcome with the help of prompt treatment at a Phoenix cancer center. Because cancer is just one possible diagnosis that a doctor will consider, different screenings and exams will need to be conducted to collect relevant information about a patient’s health. This might include:

  • A physical examination
  • A family health history
  • Medical imaging (x-rays, etc.)
  • Biopsies

Treatment can be outlined once a diagnosis has been made. Because each type of cancer responds to a different spectrum of care, patients are likely to work with a team of experts. Targeted therapy, surgical chemotherapy, and radiation therapy might all be used in a patient’s care.

Take Symptoms Seriously

Patients who are diagnosed with a form of abdominal cancer may have initially come to their primary care doctors complaining of stomach pain, bloating, and problems eating; they may have delayed coming in for several weeks because they considered their symptoms relatively mild or did not see them as a part of a deeper problem. Fear or anxiety should not prevent you from seeking the care you deserve. Pain and other problematic symptoms should be taken seriously, especially if you have a family history that includes abdominal cancer diagnoses.

Surgical Care Experts

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