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Bladder Cancer – Detection & Treatment Options

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Detection & Treatment Options

Your Cancer Detection and Treatment Options

Bladder cancer is not very common, but you are more likely to develop the disease if you have a family history of cancer. Whether you are experiencing some common symptoms of bladder cancer or you simply have a higher risk due to a toxic work environment, bladder defects or genetics, we recommend a thorough cancer screening.

Bladder cancer can often be detected in its early stages because it causes noticeable urinary symptoms such as blood in the urine. Although other conditions can cause some of the same symptoms as bladder cancer, it is important to receive a cancer screening because early cancer detection is essential for the best treatment outcome. We encourage you to trust Orange County CyberKnife with your Phoenix bladder cancer treatment and detection needs.

Common Treatment Options

If your cancer screening reveals that you do, in fact, have bladder cancer, your next step will be to choose a treatment option (or combination of treatment options). Some of the most common treatments for bladder cancer include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery
  • Immunotherapy
  • Intravesical therapy
  • Radiation therapy

It is not uncommon for doctors to recommend multiple treatments simultaneously, since some treatments are more effective when combined with others. Surgery is a common option for removing tumors from the bladder in their early stages. However, it is important for patients to understand that new cancer cells can form in other areas of the bladder.

In some cases, complete bladder removal may be advised, although side effects of this surgery (called a radical cystectomy) can be severe. We will help you understand all of the treatment options available to you so you can make the best decision for your preferences and your health.

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