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Breast Cancer - Detection & Treatment Options

Detection & Treatment Options

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Overview

Ideally, cases of breast cancer are detected in the earliest stages so treatment can be completely effective. However, early detection is dependent on whether women perform monthly self-exams and get regular mammograms beginning at 40-45 years old.

Our team of radiologists at the Phoenix cancer center offers a full suite of imaging technology for reliable diagnostic exams:

· 2-dimension mammography: The type of imaging that most women are familiar with, an X-ray is taken from two angles to reveal lumps that cannot be detected manually.

· 3-dimension mammography: The X-ray technique and mechanism is largely the same as 2-D, but breast tissue can be seen in layers for more accurate detection.\

· Automated breast ultrasound: Often used on women with dense breast tissue, ABUS is a secondary diagnostic step used in conjunction with a mammogram.

· Breast MRI: An MRI machine, which uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create a detailed picture, can indicate if a biopsy is warranted.

· Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: Doctors remove a sample of the tissue in a mass to determine whether it is cancerous. This can be done without an incision, using a hollow needle instead.

Radiation Therapy for Treating Breast Cancer

Our radiologists often recommend radiation therapy as part of a Phoenix breast cancer treatment plan. Every one of our patients gets a detailed explanation of treatment options and recommendations for the best approach. Here are some of the therapies you might hear about:

· Electronic Brachytherapy: This treatment applies radiation therapy directly to the tumor from inside the body. It can be finished in a matter of days instead of weeks.

· Intraoperative Brachytherapy: A tiny X-ray beam is focused directly on the tumor from inside the body.

· Advanced Image-Guided Radiation Therapy: Focused treatment equipment ensures your tumor is tracked and treated within miniscule boundaries, leaving surrounding tissue intact.

· Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: Also known as CyberKnife, this treatment shoots radiation right at the tumor without harming other tissue.

· RapidArc Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy: This therapy directs varying radiation to every angle of the tumor, which is mapped prior to treatment.

Explore Treatment Options Today

The team at our office will be happy to explain the details of these screening and treatment options during your first visit. Contact us today for an appointment.