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Overview of Liver Tumors: What Are They?

The liver is an important organ in the body that assists in converting nutrients into chemicals ready for your body to use. It also prepares waste products for excretion and removes toxins and chemical waste. All blood in the body passes through the liver, which is why it is possible for different cancer cells to travel there. Before seeking Phoenix liver tumor treatment from a qualified treatment center, it’s important to first identify the tumors.

Metastatic Tumors

Metastatic or secondary tumors are caused by a cancer that began somewhere in the body other than the liver. Most cases of liver tumors are secondary, meaning the cause of the cancer lies in another part of the body but the tumors spread to the liver, likely through the blood stream./p>

Primary Tumors

Primary tumors are those that start in the liver. This type of cancer is relatively low in the U.S., being responsible for approximately 2 percent of cancers and affecting men twice as much as women. However, liver cancer can be responsible for as much as half of the cancers that appear in undeveloped countries. This may be because such countries often have a prevalence of contagious viruses that lead to the development of hepatitis. The average age for individuals diagnosed with primary liver cancer in the U.S. is 67.

Outlook Following Diagnosis

Some tumors in the liver may be benign, meaning they are not cancerous. However, some are cancerous and may spread or metastasize to other areas. A proper diagnosis can help to identify the type of tumor and its cause, which will help to determine the course of treatment. The outlook for treatment and recovery following a diagnosis depends largely on the type of tumor.

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