Michael's Testimonial | Liver Cancer Treatment



Cancer:Liver Cancer

Treatment:Cyberknife and Truebeam STx with ExacTrac

"Dr Kresl saved my life!"

"Dr Kresl saved my life!"

I am 64 years old, been retired for the past 8 years, and was a CEO of a NYSE Company.

It has been a three year saga. About this time three years ago, I was diagnosed with a non-malignant growth behind my left eye that was wrapped around muscle and the optic nerve. While diagnosed as non-malignant, I was told that there was the possibility that it would become a Melanoma. I was not convinced to have the eye removed at that point. My wife and I visited Dr. Kresl some months later on the advice of my Eye Surgeon, to determine if there was a treatment to deal with the growth short of eye removal. Dr Kresl said there was nothing he could do without destroying the eye, BUT more importantly, he convinced us that there was an extreme probability that the growth would become a Melanoma, not just a possibility. He recommended that we remove the eye. That turned out to be a lifesaving recommendation. I had the eye removed two months later, and the thought to be non-malignant growth had already become a Melanoma. Dr Kresl saved my life…..

Subsequent to the surgery, we went back to Dr Kresl for Radiosurgery with Novalis Truebeam STx on the eye cavity to clear any remaining cancer that remained. It consisted of 5 treatments in 5 days …each approximately an hour in length. So far my “head” has remained clear of any further Melanoma. I get MRI’s every 6 months.

One of the attributes of Ocular Melanomas is they “travel”. Immediately subsequent to the surgery, my doctors began monitoring my liver for a Melanoma to show up. Pet Scans every 3 months. Last summer a Melanoma was diagnosed in my Liver and it was in a precarious location. Dr Kresl again treated me, this time with Cyberknife VSI Radiosurgery; 3 Treatments in 3 days, about an hour each.

While I’m still on the MRI/Pet Scan “frequent flier” program, except for the loss of an eye, which isn’t bad compared to the loss of your life…everything is normal.